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Born in Kenora ON in 1964 and after a challenging childhood Michael found a creative outlet first drawing then in the form of photography. Michael began to take the craft seriously in the early 1980's, taking courses, working in the darkroom learning new printing techniques and riding the digital wave .  Michael learned to use Photoshop and edit images turning them into fantastical artworks in the late 1990's  until the present day.  Michael loves to explore different mediums and media,  using acrylic paints and pouring mediums on canvas and or wood panels to create abstract pieces, creating unique small works of same style for jewelry and recently experimenting with poly-resin casting to make clear sculptures incorporating the abstract purring medium acrylics. Experiment and try new things are this artist's mantra.

Michael also freelances as a photographer, graphic designer, publishes the Take 5, is an apprentice Stage Manager at Theatre Northwest and has designed not only this website but many others for local businesses.